St Thomas More School Advisory Board

The aim of the School Advisory Board (SAB) is to support, assist and advise the Parish Priest and the Principal in the efficient management of the school


  1.  To assist in the preparation of the profile of the school and assist parent community as a basis for setting goals and establishing policies and priorities in relation to intermediate and long term needs.
  2.  To have representation on the selection panel for the Parish Primary School Principal according to the guidelines established by the Catholic Education Office. 
  3.  Make recommendations to the Principal on curriculum, administration and organizational policies
  4. Assist in the preparation of school policies documentation for the school
  5. Make recommendations to the Council in regard to:

    - Maintenance and repairs

    - Capital development needs

    - Long term educational planning                                                                                                                    - Any other matters pertaining to the school for which the Council is the decision-making body.

  6. Provide an alternative avenue for parents to raise issues which fall within the aims and functions of the Council. Parents can raise such issues with members of the Council prior to the meetings.
  7. In consultation with the Principal, encourage parents to participate, as appropriate, in the learning programs of the school.
  8. Collaborate and advise on all financial matters related to the school
  9. Provide representation on other committees, boards etc. when requested by such bodies and as agreed by the Council
  10. Deal with other matters that the Council considers to be consistent with its aims and functions.

Contacting the SAB

Written communication can be addressed to the President of the SAB

Emails can be sent to:

Please note that anonymous communication will not be addressed.