Principal's Message

'Welcome to the St Thomas More Primary School website. We hope that you find all the information you need and are impressed with all our school has to offer.'

St Thomas More Primary focuses heavily on personalised learning based on the ongoing collection of data coupled with challenge-based learning. Our school strives for engagement and the achievement across the school.

At St Thomas More, children are offered high quality experiences in all areas of the curriculum so that they can discover their giftedness. Through their learning opportunities, children build the self-confidence they require to both embrace challenges and experience success.

Intelligent, passionate teachers are employed at St Thomas More. Teachers plan and work in teams with the guidance and support of a leader and they actively collaborate to facilitate rich, real and relevant learning experiences for the children. Children are consistently immersed in a stimulating learning environment and are encouraged to set goals and challenges. They are provided with opportunities to discover their own individual learning styles and are supported by variety of resources and technologies.

An extended/distributive leadership team, passionate and innovative staff and contemporary learning-initiatives have resulted in the establishment of a vibrant learning community for all stakeholders. Staff, parents, students and community members are all involved in the pursuit of excellence in education, faith development and providing opportunities for students to exceed their own expectations.

As a driven and cohesive staff, we offer a variety of experiences across the curriculum, designed to provide specialised opportunities for each individual to discover their giftedness. Data-driven teaching based on comprehensive, ongoing testing and planning is focused on the constructivist approach to teaching and learning, enabling the creation of understanding through rich, real and relevant experiences.

Personal goal setting is a high priority for staff and this forms the basis of the ‘performance and development appraisal culture.’ The AITSL standards of professional practice are used as a foundation for personalised goal setting. This practice highlights the importance of self-reflection and feedback that is the basis for improvement across the board, equipping stakeholders to exceed all expectations.

At St Thomas More we believe that it is important to develop a child’s faith as well as their knowledge about the catholic traditions. Through the teaching of religion the children reflect on scripture teachings and are encouraged to put the words of Jesus into action through social justice. Our religious faith is reflected through prayer and the way we treat one another. We strive to live by God’s greatest commandment ‘love one another as I have loved you.’

St Thomas More is a contemporary, Christ-centred, child-centred learning community.


Welcome to our school community,

Yours sincerely,
Marcy De Nardis