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The facts on Catholic school funding

Almost one in four Victorian students attends a Catholic school. On average, they receive 20 per cent less government funding than if they went to government schools.

The families who choose to send their children to Catholic schools are pretty similar to government school families.

Catholic schools tend to charge low fees, so that more families can make that choice for their children. When parent fees are included, Catholic schools operate on around 90 per cent of the cost of government schools.

Many parents make big sacrifices to send their children to a Catholic school. This includes parents whose children have special needs.

Special needs students in Catholic schools receive less funding from government than if they were going to a government school. Despite the lack of funding, Catholic schools continue to show improvement for their students, including their most disadvantaged.

Parents should be free to choose the type of education they want for their children. When parents choose a Catholic school for their children, governments can invest more on students in government schools.

Any decision to stop government funding for Catholic schools, or to reduce funding by not having school funding keep pace with government school funding, will mean that fees will have to go up.

If Catholic school fees go up, parents may have to change their mind about where they send their children to school. Their only choice may be government schools, which will put further pressure on the government system.

Properly funding Catholic schools now, and in the future, will help take pressure off government schools.

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