Religious Education

 ‘We aspire to be a school where the story and the living presence of Jesus Christ underpin all that we do.'

St Thomas More’s School has a visible Catholic partnership with the parish.

Throughout the year the school community participates in various Sacramental and Liturgical practices including our annual celebrations of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.

The Christian values and ideals of the Gospel, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, are the foundation of the Religious Education curriculum at the school. The teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church are explored from Grade Prep to Grade Six.

Being a strong Christian community it is essential that we support those members who may be struggling with grief and feelings of loss resulting from separation, divorce, life threatening illness or death of a loved one. At St Thomas More we provide the Seasons program. The Seasons program is a peer support program that trained staff members provide for students at school who are in need of guidance during difficult times.

At St Thomas More’s we believe that socially acceptable behaviour and respect for one’s self and others is of outmost importance. To assist and educate our students in this area we have adopted the Restorative Practices approach to dealing with misbehaviour. This approach is appropriate to use in a Catholic school as its underlying belief is that misbehaviour is a decision that the individual has made and the actions taken have broken down a relationship. As Jesus has done before us, we too must forgive and try to restore the broken relationship that has been caused by a wrong decision. Therefore, this form of behaviour management is appropriate to use in a Catholic school because it stems from gospel values such as respect, justice and love for others.

At St Thomas More, the teachers update and plan the Religious Education curriculum in collaboration with the Religious Education Co ordinator. The To Know Worship and Love program from the Catholic Education Office forms the basis of the curriculum. Part of being a Catholic school is ensuring that genuine involvement and understanding of local and global justice issues is part of the Religious Education we provide for our students. Each term, one of the two units that the students engage in have a social justice focus. Throughout the year the students are involved in supporting various foundations including; Caritas Australia, Children First Foundation, St Vincent De Paul and the Samaritan’s Purse Foundation. 

‘We aspire to be a school where the parish and school community work as one’