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St Thomas More 2020 Enrolment Tours

2020 STM Open Day

Enrolment information - front of school

School tours can be arranged at any time of the year via an appointment made with the school principal via the office. Our formal school open day occurs during Catholic Education Week each year in March.

Enrolment for prep occurs in March of each year. Enquiries for enrolment for other levels can me made via the Principal. The enrolment application form is available for download or from our school office. A $30 enrolment fee is applicable upon submission of the enrolment form, along with the child’s birth, baptismal and immunisation certificates.

Enrolment interviews are held where an offer of acceptance may be made. Once an offer of acceptance has been made, a $100 holding fee is made to the office. This amount is deducted from your child’s school fees. Information regarding orientation will be made via the post later in the year.

School Fees

There is one school fee for all families regardless of the number of children.

The school fee accounts for 2020 will be sent out in February. 

  • at the beginning of the year for the whole year                              $1950.00
  • term by term according to due dates                                                 $650.00
    Term 1- 14th Feb, Term 2- 15th May, Term 3- 21st August
  • monthly on the 15th of each month                                         $278.57 per month- based on 7 months
  • fortnightly  Wednesdays                                                            $139.28 per fortnight- based on 14 fortnights
  • weekly Wednesdays                                                                   $69.64 per week- based on 28 weeks

Where parents choose to make their fee payments in regular instalments (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) we suggest that the periodical payment method is used. This can be done either directly through your bank via Netbanking (preferred method), otherwise you may set up a direct debit via credit card through the school. 

Regular statements will be sent home to keep you informed about your fee account. We ask that all payments are received on or before the due date.

Promt payment will save the embarrassment of having someone ring you with regard to fees. 

Families may nominate to pay their fees annually, quarterly (each term), monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Parents will receive an account each term.

A number of facilities have been introduced to assist parents in the payment of fees:

  • Direct debit (payment frequency to suit family)
  • EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities
  • Cash or cheque

It is expected that fees are paid according to process nominated and that payments are kept up-to-date.

School Levy

The Curriculum Levy for 2020 will be;

$340.00 per child for students from Year Prep, Year 1 and Year 2,

$400.00 per child for students in Year 3

$400.00 per child for students in Year 4

$450.00 per child for students in Year 5 and 

$495.00 per child for students in Year 6. 

These levies need to be paid on or before Friday 7th February 2020. This Levy covers the following:

  • stationary packs (approximately $50.00)
  • To Know, Worship and Love RE resource
  • reading materials
  • class sets of reference materials
  • paper, writing implements
  • art materials
  • mathematics equipement 
  • library books 
  • musical instruments 
  • sports equipment
  • photocopying costs and paper
  • software licensing for the classroom as well as the office
  • excursions and incursions
  • Kelly Sports
  • Mathletics
  • ChromeBook usage/licensing/support (all years other than years Prep to 2)

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

CSEF applications for 2020 open from term one 2020. Parents or legal guardians are required to submit a CSEF application form to their child's school. Please find application forms in the office. 

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. 

Eligibility Date

For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one (28th January 2020)  

All existing csef receipients are not required to complete an application form again. if your eligibility is stil current, your application/information from 2019 will automatically rollover.

Please note: only new applicants are required to complete an application form.

Enrolment Form